SkyTracNow versus LoJack
LoJack is only available in 28 states, covering only 23 cities amongst the counties it covers and equals less than 10% of the land mass of the contiguous United States.
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Since the most popular “anti-auto-theft” item sold today besides alarms is LoJack, we will present the major differences between LoJack and SkyTracNow.  LoJack was a great product in the eighties, but with obvious technological deficits - their technology is 90 years old!

The map below is based on the counties in which LoJack is employed.  The fact is; LoJack is notorious for not giving customers or potential customers enough information to make a wise buying decision.  Further, LoJack also purports to cover 28 states.  Not the entire state of the states LoJack covers.  Also, LoJack is sold to customers in states that LoJack does not work in.  They also claim to cover counties, not cities.  Lojack also claims to be in over 30 countries, but they fail to list the portions of those countries that they in fact cover.  In addition, based upon the information gathered from their own web site, Lojack only provides coverage in 23 cities in the United States. In land comparison – that is less than 10% of the entire land mass of the contiguous (48 states) United States, and they cover even less than 5% of world-wide land-mass.

By comparison, SkyTracNow covers over 220 countries; all 50 statesCanada & Mexico
That is effectively over 95% of the global land mass

The other GPS units on the market today are all CDMA, which is not a world-wide standard, and there are many places in the United States that CDMA does not work.

Keep in mind the fact that the two largest anti-auto-theft agencies on the planet use SkyTracNow in their B.A.I.T. car operations.  With that said, the question is; would you like to know your vehicle is safe where ever it is, knowing that if SkyTracNow is utilized properly, it is impossible to take your vehicle; or would you rather keep a product that has been proven time and time again not to work?